Since the 1880's, our family has lived and worked in Colorado.  Over four generations, we have perfected how to grow cattle that produce the best tasting, most tender beef you have ever eaten.
 What makes our beef special?
Breed and Genetics - We raise Red Angus cattle, they are good mothers, well tempered, and very efficient.  Furthermore, our cattle are bred to produce beef that are among the highest in the industry for carcass traits.

Taking our Time - Pastured until they are about one year of age, our cattle are finished on corn, but not in a hurry.  Feeding cattle at a slower pace adds marbling without making the animal too fat.  Marbling is the little bit of fat inside the muscle that gives good beef that unmistakable, juicy flavor.

Dry Aged - Before processing, our beef is aged near freezing for about 21 days.  This allows evaporation to concentrate the flavor and allows beef's natural enzymes to increase tenderness. 

Custom Processing - We provide an order form which allows you to customize the cutting of your meat.  For those unfamiliar with meat processing, we can make recommendations of steak thickness, types of steaks, ground beef options, and even a  mouth watering pot roast.

 Home Grown Natural Beef