$150-$165 Gift Box

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What’s Included

Every gift box is hand-made and will include an assortment of our dry aged, naturally raised beef including:

  • Premium cuts (Rib Eye, Tenderloin, Brisket, etc.)
  • Sunday’s Best cuts (Ribs, Roasts, Sirloin Steak, etc.)
  • Everyday Essentials (Ground Beef, Dry Aged Patties, and Pre-Cubed Kabob/Stew Meat)

We will create gift boxes that meet your budget per box; the assortment of cuts per gift box will vary based on our available inventory. Each gift box also includes a hand-curated mixture of our specialty products that perfectly compliment the cuts of beef, and the occasion. Our specialty products include:

  • 7 Hand-crafted Seasonings
  • Beef Summer Sausage
  • Beef Sticks
  • Cattlemen’s Blend Coffee
  • Seasonal Goodies from Fellow Colorado Producers


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