Quarter, Half & Whole Beef

Pick-Up Options

Bulk Beef Pick Up Options

Three Convenient Pick-Up Options

We now offer three options for picking up your bulk beef order so you can choose the option that works best for you.

New in 2020! We now have a reefer truck and have partnered with Lulu’s Farm in Brighton Colorado to offer you a local pick-up location. Our new reefer truck allows us to keep your beef frozen during transport from the butcher to Lulu’s Farm. We’ll have your bulk beef order boxed up so you can get it home easily.

You can also choose to pick up your bulk beef order right from the ranch; we’d love to see you!

No matter which pick-up option you choose, you will need to pay your final invoice for the beef and pay the processing fees directly to the butcher before your beef will be available for pick up.

Local Pick-Up

Lulu’s Farm, Brighton Colorado


New! We’re excited to partner with Lulu’s Farm in Brighton, Colorado to offer local pick-up for your bulk beef orders. We offer one local pick-up date per bulk beef harvest. The local pick-up option will be included on your final invoice for your bulk beef order including the pick-up date and times.

  • Quarter Beef: $45
  • Half Beef: $75
  • Whole Beef: $125

Local pick-up may not always be available due to our duties here on the ranch.

Ranch Pick-Up

Christensen Ranch, Weldona Colorado


New! Come on out to the ranch to pick up your bulk beef order. We’ll box up your bulk beef order and store it in our reefer trailer so your beef stays frozen until you pick it up. We will coordinate pick-up date and times with you when we send your final invoice for your bulk beef order.

  • Quarter Beef: $30
  • Half Beef: $50
  • Whole Beef: $80

Butcher Pick-Up

Wiggins or Sterling Colorado


You’re welcome to pick up your bulk beef order directly from the butcher. We work with two local butchers for our bulk beef processing and we’ll let you know which butcher will be processing your order when we send you your final beef invoice.

Bulk Beef Pick Up Map

Questions About Bulk Beef or Pick-Up Options?