All Natural, For Four Generations

Our Story

We’ve been raising natural Colorado beef without antibiotics or growth-enhancing hormones and allowing them to finish in our own feedlot here on our ranch for four generations. Our Red Angus cattle are raised humanely and naturally on the expansive plains of Eastern Colorado. To us, natural is doing what’s right for our cattle and our land. It’s been an integral part of our process since our herd was developed in 2000.

We believe in providing the best possible care for our herd to deliver the best tasting pasture-raised, corn-finished, natural Colorado beef for your family. Our family has continued in the traditions established by ER Christensen to ensure our herd is raised naturally, every step of the way.

Humanely Raised Colorado Beef

As stewards of our herd, it’s our responsibility to provide the best possible care for our herd, from calving to finishing. We adhere to the Global Animal Partnership 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating Program. By providing open grazing, freedom of movement, reduction of stress, continuous access to fresh water and fresh air, as well as ample shelter for inclement weather, we aim to be honorable stewards of our herd. We have the highest regard for each animal in our herd and are committed to raising them naturally.

Pasture Raised Colorado Beef

Our Red Angus cattle are raised on the expansive plains of Eastern Colorado. They are given ample acreage to graze natural grass before being finished on a corn-based diet for the unmistakable flavor that corn finishing delivers.

Hormone Free Colorado Beef

While all animal-based foods contain naturally-occurring hormones, we don’t believe in altering our herd with growth-promoting hormones. Red Angus are known for their tenderness, robust flavor, superior marbling, and consistent portion sizing. Even though supplemental growth hormones in cattle have been shown to pose no risk to human health, we prefer to let nature run its course when it comes to delivering superior Colorado beef.

Antibiotic Free Colorado Beef

Antibiotic stewardship is something we take very seriously. Not only are we committed to protecting the health of our animals, we’re committed to protecting the health of your family. We have strict herd health practices in place to ensure we use antibiotics on a limited, as-necessary basis. We take the time to see each animal on a daily basis so that we can quickly identify and administer to any sick or injured animals. While we do not use antibiotics, or other medications, unnecessarily, we’ll do everything we can to minimize pain and suffering for our cattle, including administering antibiotics when a veterinarian deems it necessary. Any animals treated for illness or injury do not enter the food chain until they have gone through the recommended withdrawal period. No animal sold as natural Colorado beef has ever been fed antibiotics.

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