Four Generations of Perfection

Our Beginnings

We believe in producing naturally raised beef, for our family and yours. Since 1923, the Christensen family has been farming and ranching in Eastern Colorado. Over four generations, we have perfected the art and science of producing Red Angus cattle that deliver flavor-packed, mouthwatering, tender beef.

Edward R. Christensen set his sights on Weldon Valley because the nutrient-rich farm ground and abundant water made it the ideal place to raise crops and livestock. Edward and his wife, Mary, started out raising sheep, sugar beets, and four children while expanding the ranch through the purchases of neighboring farms. In 1949 they started raising Hereford cattle and were some of the first ranchers to feed cattle year-round in Northeastern Colorado.

Edward passed away in 1969 and his three sons, Don, Glen, and Larry, formed Christensen Bros., Inc. to steer the ranch forward while maintaining their father’s commitment to raising cattle naturally.

In 1995, Christensen Bros., Inc. began feeding and marketing our naturally raised freezer beef to a wider audience. In 2000, we focused on Red Angus cattle in order to produce the best tasting, naturally raised beef. Red Angus are a calm, maternal breed which means they make excellent mothers that produce fast-growing calves. Red Angus also produce beef that is among the highest in the industry for marbling, tenderness, quality grade, and flavor. At our ranch, they continue to be produced in the same natural tradition that Edward and Mary established back in 1949.

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