Bone-In Prime Rib


Prime Rib is back for the holidays! Our 3 Rib Bone-In Prime Rib Standing Rib Roasts are generously marbled and dry aged for the perfect holiday centerpiece. Each Prime Rib weighs approximately 6-7lbs. Pre-order now for delivery the week of November 15, 2021; your Prime Rib will arrive in time for the holidays.

What’s Inside Your Box

Christensen Ranch Beef

  • 1 3 Rib Bone-In Prime Rib Roast (approximately 6-7lbs)


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Additional Information

We ship right from the ranch every Monday and Tuesday. Orders must be received by midnight Monday to ship in the current week. Beef Sticks, Beef Summer Sausage, and our Beef Jerky are all vacuum sealed and individually labeled, and ship via UPS Ground.