Beef Sticks (2 Packs of 4 Sticks Each)

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Our Beef Sticks are hand-crafted with seasonings that perfectly compliment our naturally raised beef and smoked for 17 hours. Each package includes four beef sticks, perfect for on-the-go snacks, sports snacks, or easy-to-pack outdoor snacks.

What’s Inside Your Box

  • 2  5.32oz Packages of Smoked Beef Sticks (4 Beef Sticks/Package)

Beef Sticks ship free. We can fit two packs of Beef Sticks in most boxed beef collections so if you order boxed beef and Beef Sticks, we’ll include two packs of Beef Sticks in your boxed beef shipment; the rest of your Beef Sticks will ship separately via USPS First Class Mail. If you only order Beef Sticks, they’ll ship via USPS First Class Mail. We only ship on Monday and Tuesday of each week; orders must be placed by midnight Sunday or Monday to ship in the current week.

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