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Degrees of Doneness

We recommend cooking your Christensen Ranch Natural Red Angus Beef slowly over low heat until it’s medium rare to ensure each bite is packed full of flavor while remaining tender and juicy. Cooking times and temperatures will vary with the cut of beef, and thickness of the cut of beef, your preferred cooking method, and your desired degree of doneness.When checking the degree of doneness, be sure to use a thermometer as color is not always an accurate indicator.

How to Check the Degree of Doneness

Insert a meat thermometer or instant-read thermometer through the side of the cut of beef; ensure the tip of the thermometer is in the center of the cut and is not touching bone or fat. Because beef continues to cook after it’s removed from heat, we recommend removing steaks and burgers from the heat when your thermometer reads 5° F lower than your desired doneness; roasts can be removed from heat when your thermometer reads 5° –10° F lower than your desired doneness.

USDA Doneness Recommendations

The USDA recommends cooking beef to 145° F and allowing your beef to rest for three minutes before eating.

Blue Rare: 100°F Seared Outside, Cool Red Center

Rare: 125°F Cool Red Center

Medium Rare: 135°F Warm Red Center

Medium: 145°F Warm Pink Center

Medium Well: 150°F Slightly Pink Center

Well Done: 160°F Little to no Pink

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