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Single Source Beef: Transparency from Pasture to Plate

Did you know that the average pound of ground beef you buy at the grocery store can contain beef from multiple cattle? We believe in transparency, from pasture to plate. Consumers should be able to know where their beef was born, where it was raised, and where it was harvested which is why we offer single source beef for every Christensen Ranch beef order. No matter how you cut it, the beef you receive is from cattle raised from calving to finishing right here on our ranch.

Why Single Source Beef Matters

As producers, we see firsthand just how misunderstood the cattle industry is; it’s our goal to bring transparency to our industry and take away some of the barriers between producers and consumers. By providing our customers with single source beef, we remove the middlemen standing in between you and your beef. We’re simplifying the process and delivering quality, mouthwatering beef unlike anything found in a local supermarket.

Transparency, from Pasture to Plate

Our humanely raised, hormone- and antibiotic-free Red Angus cattle are raised on the expansive plains of Eastern Colorado. They are given ample acreage to graze natural grass before being finished on a corn-based diet for the unmistakable flavor that corn finishing delivers. When you purchase your Christensen Ranch beef, you’ll receive all natural beef from animals raised on our fourth generation, family ranch.

Traceability for Your Beef

Each cut of beef that you receive is traceable to our ranch. When you place your order for Christensen Ranch beef, we take your individual animal to our local butcher for hand processing. As soon as each animal arrives at the processor, it’s assigned a lot number; this number follows each animal throughout each step of processing, from dry aging to cutting, to ensure that each cut of beef you receive is traceable to the animals raised on our ranch – guaranteed.

Our process allows you to know exactly where your beef comes from. We’re proud to simplify the steps between producer and consumer and provide a level of transparency not found in the commercial beef industry. When you purchase Christensen Ranch beef, you’re able to trace your beef directly to our ranch with our single-origin beef.

Infographic image showing the path of Christensen Ranch single-source beef from our pasture to your freezer