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Discover the Denver Steak

Two raw Denver steaks on metal tray with garnish

Although relatively unknown compared to popular cuts like rib eye or filet mignon, the Denver steak offers a unique combination of flavor, tenderness, and leanness that deserves recognition. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the Denver steak, including its origins, flavor profile, leanness, and how to cook it to perfection. […]

Tri Tip Steak

Grilled tri tip steak on wooden cutting board with olive oil and seasonings

Tri tip steak (and roast) is a triangular-shaped cut of beef that comes from the bottom sirloin primal cut and is known for its rich flavor and tenderness. This versatile cut can be grilled, roasted, or smoked, and it can be served as a main course or sliced thinly against the grain for sandwiches and […]

Make it Tonight – Cooking Your New Cuts of Beef

Beef and marinade with garlic in a glass bowl

Cooking Your New Cuts of Beef Did you receive Christensen Ranch beef for Christmas this year and aren’t sure how to cook it to perfection, or are looking for some new recipes? Beef’s variety and versatility means there are near-endless options for cooking your favorite, and even new-to-you cuts of meat. We’ve rounded up some […]

Ring in the New Year with Brunch Ideas

Terrific, tasty, and easy brunch ideas for the New Year It’s not too early to plan your New Year’s Day brunch celebrations and we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up some great recipes that delight your family and friends. Beef Sticky Buns? Yes please! This savory adaptation of the classic sticky bun recipe featuring our […]