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Pasture Raised Beef Colorado
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Colorado Red Angus Beef
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We believe in transparency, from pasture to plate™.

We believe you should be able to know where your beef was born, how it was raised, and where it was harvested. Our supply chain is simple – when you order Christensen Ranch Colorado beef, your animal is hand-selected, taken to the butcher, and then delivered to you.

We are fourth-generation Colorado ranchers raising Red Angus cattle naturally, the way beef used to be produced.

Boxed Beef from Christensen Ranch

Beef Delivered
Assorted Boxes

Get our naturally raised, naturally delicious Red Angus, Colorado beef is delivered right to your door. Each of our hand-selected packages of beef is filled with hand-trimmed, dry aged, antibiotic and growth hormone free cuts for healthy and convenient dinner options. To ensure your Christensen Ranch beef is fresh upon arrival, we only ship on Monday and Tuesday of each week; orders must be placed by midnight Sunday or Monday to ship in the current week. New – FREE shipping for all orders shipping in Colorado! 

Freezer Beef from Christensen Ranch

Bulk Beef
Quarter, Half & Whole

Purchasing Colorado beef in bulk, directly from local ranchers like us, is called freezer beef. Whether you order a quarter beef, half beef, or whole beef you’ll receive enough meat to fill your freezer. You can customize your cuts or select one of our three freezer beef packages. We are not able to ship freezer beef at this time; all orders must be picked up from our local processor in Wiggins, Colorado. We sell our Colorado bulk beef on a first-come, first-served basis & encourage you to reserve your beef early so you don’t miss out.

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April & May 2020

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March 15

We sell our bulk beef on a first-come, first-served basis and encourage you to reserve your beef early so you don’t miss out. We require a small deposit to secure your beef.

Raised in Colorado

Natural Beef

We produce pasture raised, dry aged, humanely raised, Red Angus, Colorado beef that is free from antibiotics and growth hormones.

We’ve raised Red Angus on our family ranch more than four generations. Our cattle roam the expansive Eastern Colorado plains for nearly one year after calving to ensure they have enough time to grow, naturally. We do not feed antibiotics and we don’t use growth hormones in our cattle. We are committed to following humane handling practices for our herd every step of the way, from calving to processing.

By allowing our cattle to mature on nature’s schedule, we’re able to give you the perfect amount of marbling in each cut of beef with the unmistakable flavor that corn finishing delivers.

We offer our farm raised Colorado beef in bulk beef packages for Colorado customers and hand-curated collections for customers who want smaller packages of beef delivered to their home.

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