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Ranch Raised Beef

Pasture Raised Beef Colorado
Antibiotic Free Beef Colorado
Growth Hormone Free Beef
Colorado Red Angus Beef
Family Ranch Raised Beef Colorado
Dry Aged Beef Colorado

We believe in transparency, from pasture to plate™.

We believe you should be able to know where your beef was born, how it was raised, and where it was harvested. Our supply chain is simple – when you order our ranch raised beef, your animal is hand-selected, taken to the butcher, and then delivered to you.

We are fourth-generation Colorado ranchers raising Red Angus cattle naturally, the way beef used to be produced.

Free Pick Up

beef shares

1/8th, 1/4th & 1/2 Shares

We now have 1/8th and 1/4th beef shares available to ship right to your door! Our new beef shares include all the cuts you’d receive in a typical side of beef. The quantity of each cut differs for each share size and you can see the complete list of cuts per share on our website. Cuts are individually vacuum-sealed and labeled. Shipping is charged for all beef shares and varies based on your shipping zone.

Boxed Beef from Christensen Ranch

beef delivered

5lb & 8-10lb Assortments

Get our naturally raised, naturally delicious Red Angus, ranch raised beef delivered right to your door. Each of our hand-selected packages of beef is filled with hand-trimmed, dry aged, antibiotic and growth hormone free cuts for healthy and convenient dinner options. To ensure your Christensen Ranch beef is fresh upon arrival, we only ship on Monday and Tuesday of each week; orders must be placed by midnight Sunday or Monday to ship in the current week.

Freezer Beef from Christensen Ranch

bulk beef

quarter, half & whole beef

Purchasing Colorado beef in bulk allows you to fill your freezer while paying one low price per pound. We offer quarter beef, half beef, and whole beef sizes. You can customize your cuts or select our Starter Package. We are not able to ship bulk beef at this time; all orders must be picked up from our local processor in Wiggins, Colorado. We sell our Colorado bulk beef on a first-come, first-served basis & encourage you to reserve your beef early so you don’t miss out.

reserve your ranch raised custom quarter, half, or whole beef today

Current Live Weight Price Per Pound Only $2.25

Next Harvest


Beef Available

1 3/4

Last Day to Order

August 15, 2022

We sell our custom bulk beef on a first-come, first-served basis and encourage you to reserve your beef early so you don’t miss out. We require a small deposit to secure your beef.

Raised in Colorado

Natural Beef

We produce pasture raised, dry aged, humanely raised, Red Angus, beef that is free from antibiotics and growth hormones.

We’ve raised Red Angus on our family ranch more than four generations. Our cattle roam the expansive Eastern Colorado plains for nearly one year after calving to ensure they have enough time to grow, naturally. We do not feed antibiotics and we don’t use growth hormones in our cattle. We are committed to following humane handling practices for our herd every step of the way, from calving to processing.

By allowing our cattle to mature on nature’s schedule, we’re able to give you the perfect amount of marbling in each cut of beef with the unmistakable flavor that corn finishing delivers.

We offer our ranch raised beef in quarter, half, and whole bulk beef sizes for pick-up in Colorado and hand-curated boxed beef collections that ship from the ranch right to your door. We ship every Monday and Tuesday and we offer free shipping in Colorado and flat rate shipping for all other locations.

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Our Ranch Raised Beef Gets Rave Reviews

we think you’ll love it, too!

  • We wanted to thank you for the amazing beef order. We're thrilled with the quality of the meat! God bless you all, once we're through this order we'll be back for more. Sincerely, The Canepa Family

    Canepa Family
  • I ordered a half cow to split between a friend and I and I have not been disappointed. The meat has great marbling and an excellent flavor, I’ve also been introduced to some new cuts that I now love. I look forward to ordering from Christensen Ranch in the future.

    Benjamin Byrne
  • Christensen Ranch beef is hands down the best beef I've tasted! I've ordered several times from Christensen Ranch, and because they've delivered a quality product every time, I expect to be a customer for a long time to come. Thanks Christensen Ranch!

    Jenny Kamppila
  • Can always count on the quality of the beef. This is our 3rd year with Christensen Ranch. I always get my product fully frozen. Our only source of beef!

    Sally Wood
  • I've ordered several boxes as gifts and for my fam. The perfect gift--easy to order and everyone loves it.

    Matt Machado
  • Beef is so excellent - have never had a bad cut yet. Always wonderful top-notch taste. Incredible difference from grocery store product and very good value. Shipping couldn’t be more convenient. Thanks so much for providing my family with such a terrific product!

    Maureen Hong
  • Christensen Ranch has the very cleanest beef I have ever tasted. I’ve had chemical free beef at relatives homes in Colorado who have their own cattle. And, Christensen’s is right there with them. The beef is pink not dark red. It is the color of veal. Fresh and clean to the palate. My family and friends all over New York and Rhode Island now love their beef as well. I am so grateful for the ability to send healthy food gifts all year long from Christensen’s Ranch to those I love! Thank you for all your hard work at Christensen’s Ranch!

    Rich Shivers
  • Great beef! Tender, best flavor. We get so many compliments when we have guests coming over for lunch or dinner. We share some of our beef with our family and they all appreciate and love this beef. We both grew up on farms in Iowa and this brings back great memories.

    Keith & Barb Harrison
  • You can’t buy better quality meat and service is outstanding.

    Richard Clogg
  • Best beef I've ever had!

    Wade Pettit
  • We knew the first time that we found a gold mine. They treated us like family and the product has been great. This is the first time we have gone directly to the source and we will go no where else. Now, we have convinced our extended family to buy meat in bulk. It is nice that they are big patriots and we share many of the same values. Thank you Christensen Ranch.

    Tom Dagostino
  • The meat from Christensen Ranch is a game changer. I first experienced it in Colorado when I lived there and I am so happy to find out they can ship to me back in California now! The color is dramatically different from the low quality meat in your grocery stores. Excited for my future meals!

    Sam White
  • Best beef ever! Ordering is super easy and customizable. I have ordered multiple times and the entire process is fantastic. The butcher the choose to use is friendly and treats you better than family. Don't pass up this meat and supporting a great family.

    Rose Gruber
  • We sent your beef to family in Texas and they raved! Guess everything is not better in Texas! Thank you Christensen!

    Jeanne Dassel
  • Christensen beef is by far the best for your buck . You can really tell that they do it right by taking their time, and the excellent care from birth to table. The steaks are so tender and juicy, mouth watering . Loved the fact I could get my burger in 1.5 lb packages. 5 stars highly recommended. Thank you Christensen Ranch.

    Becky Starbuck
  • What an amazing experience! The whole thing! Christensen Ranch is wonderful to work with and has the best beef! Thank you for everything!

    Jana Pierson
  • We have been getting 1/4 of a beef a year from Christensen Ranch for over ten years. It lasts us a year. The meat is excellent and the process is so easy, We pay the deposit and then pick it up in Wiggins when it is ready. It's nice to have a full freezer of options.

    Heather B
  • Always excellent beef. We have purchased 1/2 beef and several of the pre packaged beef assortments. We love this ranch!

    Teresa Miller
  • Great family run ranch provides delicious high quality products and great customer service.

    Dennis Hartley
  • We order a 1/4 cow every year from Christensen Ranch. From my research their pricing is great as you're getting family raised, natural, non antibiotic, non growth enhancing hormone, pasture raised Red Angus beef! The first time we purchased a cow, we couldn't believe the flavor difference from what you get at the supermarket! I would highly recommend using Christensen Ranch!

    Jason Harrington
  • Purchased half a cow from them. The beef is absolutely amazing and flavorful. Communication was clear and the processor they use was friendly and professional as well. Highly recommend, you won't be disappointed. The only down side we've found so far is that it has ruined going out to a nice steak house for us..this beef is so much better than anything you can get in a restaurant. Grateful to have ranchers like this.

    S. Nimz
  • We were both born and raised in Colorado. Over the years we have had the opportunity to try many beef products from different sources. Without any doubt what we have received from the Christensen's is the very best. You would have to pay a larger sum to receive the same quality. The meat is very tasty and tender. Don't hesitate to enjoy their beef.

    Rachel MacDonald
  • Incredible cuts of beef from their Box orders delivered to do my door step, to picking up a quarter of bulk beef, Christensen Ranch’s is the real deal!

    Thomas Bentley
  • Great service and great product, I only hope more people will support the independent ranchers and farmers.

    Biggie Box
  • We have ordered beef on several occasions from them and it is always a seamless process. The beef is wonderful tasting. Could not recommend them more!

    Sabrina Tomky
  • Absolutely the tastiest steak to be found! I received first as a gift & now order directly & enjoy year round. Special thanks for the rib eyes, not to be missed. They are also my go-to for special gifts. Always a winner! Thanks for great beef & perfect service.

    Judy Keane
  • I only deal with Kathy there a CR, and she has been nothing but informative, kind, and just a pleasant lady to talk to. As far as the beef goes I couldn't be more satisfied! From the steak, to the hamburger, and all the other different cuts, you can tell from one blue collar working family to another like the Christensen family; they put time into they product. I will buy from this family for a long time. 5 stars, hands down!

    Michael Meshishnek
  • When purchasing meal kits, I never order the steaks because I rely only on Christensen Ranch beef. The same goes for eating out or shopping at the grocery store. Nothing beats it.

    Phyllis Nelson
  • Received our first package yesterday and my wife made stuffed bell peppers with one of the ground beef packets. Delicious beyond belief!!!! Today she made us hamburger sandwiches with the patties that were another item in our package. Your beef is just what we have been craving for years! She wants me to grill the two ribeye steaks tomorrow evening and I just can't wait! So glad we came across your website as we were searching for a Colorado alternative to the other sources (which we will no longer be using) for our specialty cuts of beef. Thank you Christensen Family, we will be ordering more soon. God Bless you!

  • Just a short note to tell you all that your beef is the best we've had in a very long time. Thank you for taking the time to do it right.

    Roger & Becky Starbuck
  • I received everything and it all looks fantastic!  From the boxes to the note inside and, lets not leave out, how fabulous your product looks!

    Liz Greene
  • We finally grilled the New York Strip steak yesterday and it was AWESOME! We haven't had a steak that was so tender and flavorful since we left Iowa.

    Garry Osborn
  • We received our 1st order yesterday and are so exited to fire up the grill! Everything looks great. The entire process you all have in place is very good, from ordering online to the communication from emails and shipment tracking and the packaging.

    The Ramirez Family
  • We have tried the meat twice since delivery and it is delicious! We will definitely be back. Thanks again.

    The Prutting's
  • Their beef is great.

    Betty Pickett
  • Loved our meat bundle! Thanks again!

    Travis Bain
  • Great family, great beef and great service!!

    Scot Wilken
  • The best meat money can buy. I have a picky 2 year old who throws everything and eats sporadically, he went to town on the hamburgers.

  • Our Father’s Day gift box was awesome! The meat is so delicious with great flavor! We loved the beautiful cutting board and the steak seasoning is wonderful! Thank you Christensen Ranch!

    Jamia Johnson
  • Awesome product and customer service!

    Gini Till
  • We have ordered bulk Beef from Christensen Ranch for many years now and love having a freezer full of meat. I ordered the King of the Smoker box on Friday and got amazing high quality beef delivered right to my door today. I highly recommend Christensen Ranch.

    Nikki Blair
  • My order arrived in perfect condition, still partially frozen and looks great! Love the looks of the brisket; very nice size.

    Paul Tamkin
  • Just wanted to say thank you for the order. We all really enjoyed the meat. Everyone loved the hamburger patties and the sausages (bratwurst). I also really liked the steak. Will definitely re-use your service and recommend it to friends.

    Lui Iuliano
  • Exceptionally well-managed outfit.

    Butch Schuler
  • Great quality beef; our bulk beef order was processed correctly to our specs and in a timely manner.

    Steve Proctor
  • We just had our first steaks from Christensen Ranch. Cooked them on the smoker they were really good, tender and full of flavor!!

    Karina Graulus
  • We have been ordering Christensen Ranch beef for years and are always impressed with the quality and flavor of the meat. We just grilled up another batch of rib eyes that were amazing. We have stopped ordering steaks when we go out to nice restaurants as they are never comparable to Christensen beef.

    Kristen Bernhardt
  • Picked up my first 1/4 Red Angus from Christensen Ranch this month. Want to share how happy my family is with this beef. This was a great quality and quantity purchase. The burger and roasts are top shelf. The steaks are wonderful. 5 star recommendation!

    Mark Vissering
  • This weekend, I had dinner with neighbors that buy your beef. They barbecued Rib Eye steak and it was, by far, the best steak I have ever eaten.

    Ryan Johnson, DVM
  • We have been ordering from them since 2007 - it's delicious! Thank you Kathy, and the whole Christensen Ranch team!

    Michele Forrest
  • The very best beef we have ever had, and wonderful people to work with!

    Julie Blair
  • Four years ago I suffered from a broken jaw and have altered my eating habits from steaks to ground beef. In September 2010, my husband and I purchased a Quarter Beef from Christensen Bros. and had it cut to our specifications. I had a lot of it ground into hamburger and have totally spoiled myself on the best tasting beef I have ever had. The steaks are truly tender and everything tastes superior to anything around. I highly recommend Christensen Bros. beef.

    Merry Jensen
  • I have been a consumer and customer of Christensen Brothers beef for 20 years; I can honestly say that their product is the best tasting beef that has ever hit my grill and my dinner plate. Give them a try and I am positive you will be a repeat customer like myself!

    Steve Lowe